Why I’m Running

When I was in Iraq I always told my soldiers that our uniforms said US Army on the chest, but what it really meant was simply us. The only thing that mattered when things got bad was us – that you could only depend on the man or women on your left and right. We were it – help was a long way away and we couldn’t count on it– we could only count on one another. We were the good guys – we were the solution and it didn’t matter where we came from or what we believed – Democrat or Republican- we were there to get a job done and work together.

In Congress the job isn’t getting done.   Too many politicians on both sides of the aisle aren’t doing anything to protect middle class Iowa families like the one I grew up in.   Instead too many are pushing sound bytes to please the extreme parts of their party and score political points for partisan gain.

Here in Iowa and America it really is just about us. It’s our country – if we don’t maintain it and fix our problems, no one else will. There is no backup coming to the rescue. We have to take responsibility for the future of our nation. We complain about Washington and Congress and here in the 4th District we only get one Representative and if we don’t get it right then we are the ones responsible. We need the best person in Congress and I know if you elect me, I will work everyday to be the best for you.

I have a proven record of serving Iowa and this Nation, a record of results.  I was deployed for 23 months with the Iowa National Guard defending our country in Iraq, returned to Iraq as a civilian to help finish the job and then I went to the Pentagon to make it more efficient. I believe our government needs to give the people their moneys worth and that’s why I’m proud of my record of fiscal discipline and governance reform.

These reasons are why I am running for Congress.

Just like the greatest generation who returned from WWII, we need to start working and investing in our future again. We need leaders willing to work together to find common sense solutions.

I can’t promise that we will win every battle, but I can promise that I will always put this country first, I will always put Iowa first and I will always put you first.

I want this campaign to be a real debate about what works for Iowa and who works for America. I want it to be based on facts and results.

I look forward to telling you more of my story and hearing yours.

- Jim